Saturday, September 9, 2017

Designing with Algorithms - A Trend in Digital Design Modeling

How do you approach algorithms for modeling? When Raymundo Burgueno sees people who use traditional software to make each component, he says "What you need is someone who is proficient in Rhino with Grasshopper."

Raymundo goes on to explain that if you have never programmed, learning to write algorithms in Grasshopper can be difficult. You have to approach modeling very differently than you do in traditional NURBS-based modeling workflows.

With Grasshopper the most powerful part of the work process is that once you have written the algorithm, you can customize it and instantly change the parameters in every step of the process. By controlling each data set you can make design changes based on other parameters, such as distance or space, in the design modeling process.

In the article in Formtrends Raymundo takes a quick look at this process.

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