Tuesday, September 5, 2017

APX+ 201.7 Workshop in Bulgaria

September 21-26, 2017
Expo Center Flora
Burgas, Bulgaria

APX+ workshop started in 2011 as the first event in Bulgaria for parametric design and advanced architectural modeling, as well as manufacturing in architecture. 

APX+ 201.7 is the seventh edition, continuing the trend of the creation of practical knowledge to use the software Rhinoceros and Grasshopper. The basic seminar is two days, followed by two more days of advanced seminar learning how to model complex NURBS models. Students will create parametric definitions generating practical objects. 

This intensive workshop covers most of the functionality of Rhinoceros and Grasshopper and will expose some methods for working with plugins to both programs. Issues such as BIM modeling in Rhinoceros, visualization, import/export of geometry, and real project tasks will be explained. 

On the fifth and sixth days, APX+ continues with real workshop practice in which students explore digital production methods with computer-controlled machines and their relationship with digital modeling. The aim will be the creation of a real prototype at a real scale. There will then be one more day for the official opening to present the finished projects and for the diploma ceremony.

MArch. Octavian Gheorghiu (Foster + Partners)
MArch. Emil Burulyanov (Decor Design)
MArch. Hristo Topchiev (Topchiev Architects)
MArch. Joana Topchieva (Topchiev Architects)
MArch. Ivan Palazov (Sofa Lab)

This workshop is organized by Varna Design Forum and financed and hosted by the Municipality of Burgas.

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