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Dynamic Mutations V3.0 workshop - 23-31 July, Sofia (Bulgaria)

23-31 July 2016
Union of Architects, 11 Krakra Street
Sofia (Bulgaria)

Dynamic Mutations V3.0 is an international workshop of advanced design. The workshop will run using Autodesk Maya, Pixologic ZBrush, McNeel Grasshopper, and Epic Games Unreal Engine 4. As we approach the era of virtual reality with tools such as the Oculus Rift and Unreal Engine 4, this workshop explores an aspect of beautiful virtual worlds that is often seen as a flaw. The glitch, which can be considered a mutation and anomaly of the virtual world, will be the primary driving design language of this workshop. A glitch duplicates, distorts, replicates, and stretches virtual space into unexpected results.

Dynamic Mutations V3.0 will explore the complex, unique, and often unpredictable results a glitch can create. Participants will find interesting existing details of the built environment of Sofia, Bulgaria, around the site and building of the Temple Sveti Nikolay. These details will then be mutated and replicated among the Temple Sveti Nikolay’s neighboring green space to create a new architecture representing a glitched mutation of Sofia. In this way, we will materialize one of the major aspects that separates the virtual world from the physical realm, bringing virtual to reality.


The Dynamic Mutations V3.0 workshop, which builds on the included intensive course Intro to Grasshopper, Maya, and ZBrush V1.0, will explore a range of modeling techniques in a streamlined process across three major software platforms: Grasshopper, Maya, and ZBrush.

The general workflow will involve modeling actual found objects, mutating these objects, replicating the objects within a site, and unifying the replications into a correlated unique architectural piece. Through the three programs, participants will learn essential manual and parametric modeling techniques such as polygon modeling, blending, deformation, replication, morphing, mapping, texturing, patterning, coloring etc. which will build up highly complex models very rapidly. KeyShot will be used to produce visualizations of the final architecture for presentation purposes.

Included on the last day after final presentations is an intensive course, Getting Real with Unreal V1.0, which will teach participants how to insert their designs into the Unreal Engine environment for rendering, animations, and walk-throughs.

Both intensive courses "Intro to Grasshopper, Maya, and ZBrush V1.0" and "Getting Real with Unreal V1.0" are included in Dynamic Mutations V3.0 but can be taken separately.

What you will learn
  • Introduction to Maya, ZBrush, Grasshopper, and Unreal Engine 4
  • Advanced modeling skills across all listed software
  • Mesh subdivision polygon modeling
  • Mesh sculpting, manipulation, and deformation
  • Mesh surface texturing and patterning
  • Creating complex parametric duplication and array systems
  • Iterative loop based geometry networks
  • Visualization and rendering techniques with KeyShot
  • Unreal Engine set up and rendering


Chris Thackrey / USA

ZBrush and Unreal Engine Expert
Texas A&M University

Pavlina Vardoulaki / Greece & Bulgaria
Co-Founder & Creative Director @ DesignMorphine
Architectural Assistant Part II @ Foster + Partners
Maya Software Tutor @AA School of Architecture
MArch II Distinction AA Design Research Lab
MArch I Honours Civic Buildings UACEG

Michael Pryor / USA
Design Director @ DesignMorphine
Project Designer @ SOMA Architects
Co-Founder @ 3D-Dreaming
New York Institute of Technology

Early registration until 15 June 2016
Late registration until 20 July

One of the participants will be awarded a scholarship. After you register, please send your portfolio /3 pages A4, .pdf/ and your CV to info@designmorphine.com

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