Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Intelligent Tectonics V1.0 workshop - 9-16 July, Sofia (Bulgaria)

 9-16 July 2016

Union of Architects, 11 Krakra Street
Sofia (Bulgaria)

Intelligent Tectonics V1.0 is an international workshop for parametric design and fabrication strategies. As computational tools become the state of the art in various design disciplines, they not only enable a logically structured approach to complex design problems but also allow more fluent communication between design phases through the integration of variables in a common digital platform.

The workshop will focus on the practical implementation of computational design methods in real-life architecture projects. It will introduce the participants to the various facets of computational design thinking: from the early design phase, through the schematic planning, to the fabrication and the assembly of the physical artifact. As a product of the workshop, an exhibition booth will be designed that should incorporate a modular, reusable performative plate structure.

The participants will work in groups on different design proposals. The best will receive a prize and the opportunity to be developed further in detail, manufactured, and realized alongside a team of experts and workshop participants.

A portfolio is mandatory for registration with a maximum of 30 participants! All 30 participants will be selected via portfolio by the tutors. See the apply page for portfolio details. Participants who register without a portfolio will not be considered.


Intelligent Tectonics V1.0 workshop, which builds on the included intensive course Generation and Optimization Techniques in Grasshopper V1.0, will use Rhino and Grasshopper.

The participants will be challenged with embedding real-life physical constraints into the digital design process, with the final goal of producing a feasible parametric design for a usable architectural structure. Parallel to the experiments with generative techniques, the structural qualities of the developed designs will be tested through digital simulations, physical prototypes, and working models. During the workshop, the participants will receive both theoretical knowledge of the relevant topics and a practical demonstration of material samples and fabrication methods.

The intensive course Generation and Optimization Optimization Techniques in Grasshopper V1.0 is included in Intelligent Tectonics V1.0 but can be taken separately.

What You Will Learn
  • Generative design and parametric modeling in Grasshopper and Rhino 5
  • Practical understanding of innovative techniques in computational design and digital fabrication
  • Simulation of material performance in a digital environment
  • Optimization of structures according to various criteria
  • Managing data for fabrication processes
  • Producing physical prototypes from digital data


Boyan Mihaylov / Bulgaria

Workshop Director
Associate @ DesignMorphine
CAD Specialist @ Joris Laarman Lab
Dipl. Ing. University of Stuttgart

Georgi Kazlachev / Bulgaria
Architect & Complex Geometry Specialist @ Studio Tomás Saraceno
M.Sc. ITECH @ University of Stuttgart
B.Sc. Architecture @ Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Early Registration until 5 June 2016
Late registration until 15 July

Two of the participants will be served with scholarships based on the submitted portfolios!

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