Friday, December 9, 2011

Workshop robotic fabrication by Gregory Epps and Daniel Piker

Hyperbody TU Delft will be hosting our second workshop in the robotic fabrication series from Dec 12-16 in our robotics lab at the RDM Campus in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Internationally acclaimed architects/ researchers/ developers/ educators Gregory Epps (RoboFold) and Daniel Piker (Kangaroo plug-in for Rhino/ Grasshopper) from London will introduce the emerging trend of robotics in the field of architecture during these 5 intense days of folding, simulation, robotic fabrication, and building. Participants will become intuitive at designing folded surfaces, use the Kangaroo physics engine software for the Rhino Grasshopper plug-in to simulate the folding of metal panels, create robotic simulations in the Lobster software for Grasshopper and use the robots to build 1:1 prototypes.

The Hyperbody Workshop Series is open to architecture and design students and professionals worldwide. The workshop requires a fee of €150 per participant.

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