Tuesday, December 13, 2011

News from food4Rhino

A few things happened last month on . There are some new Rhino plugins and Grasshopper add-ons:


Generate KUKA Robot Language code directly out of Grasshopper, along with a kinematic simulation of the robot.
Rhino Membrane

An application with one of the most powerful form-finding strategies available today. Using a Fea (Finite Element Analysis) model it is able to relax any mesh into a stressed surface in equilibrium with positive stress fields only.

A new Grasshopper plug-in to prototype RAPID code (program language for ABB Robots) very quickly. It is then possible to set entirely parametric code generation for the robotized nonstandard fabrication of your grasshopper based designs.

A set of tools for Grasshopper to generate map and topographical surfaces using open source data from OpenStreetMap.org and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) data from NASA/Jet Propulsion Labs.
VSR WebGL Export

A Rhino plugin to export any design you have created to a format that can be viewed on any other hardware. All you need is a state-of-the-art Web browser on your target device.

An advanced Rhino plugin suite providing access to powerful geometry processing algorithms through a user-friendly interface. Established computational tools from Evolute's core software library, as well as groundbreaking technology from our cutting edge research results, provide you with functionality not offered by any other system.

And we can also tell about updates and new features in existing projects:

Kangaroo Physics

Live Physics engine for interactive simulation. Added Level Set force, springs can now have upper and lower cutoffs, added depth-dependent pressure force, added relative and waterline options to Wind force.

A generative design exploration method. Added a selection of Grasshopper models to play around with.
SPM Vector Components

Provides utilities that deal with vector fields. Added SPM Source Code: follow the templates to build your own dynamics.

Dynamic structural calculations in Grasshopper now in two flavors: free and pro. New manual, new examples, and several new features including display of strains, stresses, utilization and section forces/moments, cross-section optimization (pro version only).

With more than 50 projects and 19,000 visits (9,000 downloads) in the last month, authors and visitors from all over the world contributed daily to establish food4Rhino as the first Rhino plugin and add-on site on the web.

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