Friday, December 9, 2011

2nd Parametric Design Workshop Leipzig

January 5-9 - 2nd Parametric Design Workshop Leipzig - Germany

The workshop will be concerned with the development and optimization of large-area structures and climatic envelopes. Using Rhino and Grasshopper-based tools such as Karamba and Geco/Ecotec, parametric and iterative methods are to be used for system optimization. Limited rapid prototyping tools will be available for physical model making.

The workshop will be jointly organized and tutored by

  • Prof. Frank Hülsmeier
  • Prof. Henning Rambow
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Stahr

Guest lectures and tutoring by

  • Clemens Preisinger (Bollinger•Grohmann•Schneider ZTWien GmbH, Wien - KARAMBA)
  • Dimitri Demin (Gartner Steel and Glass GmbH)
  • Martin Dembski and Christian Heidenreich, Uni Weimar
  • Henning Seide, FIlou Gmbh and HTWK Leipzig

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