Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SiTex Graphics announces RhinoAir 4.0

The RhinoAir plug-in enables Rhino 4 and 5 users to quickly start rendering using familiar Rhino materials and lights while providing easy access to Air's advanced features. RhinoAir brings full scene interactive shading and lighting to Rhino with the aid of TweakAir. View lighting and material changes as you make them in a high-quality interactive preview.

With BakeAir, RhinoAir allows shading in a scene to be rendered or “baked” to texture maps. Baked maps can be used as textures for real-time rendering in Rhino or with an exported VRML file. With Air 11 and RhinoAir 4, shading results can also be stored as vertex data of a mesh (with user-specified tessellation density). Baked meshes can be used for real-time viewing in Rhino or to accelerate rerendering with Air.

New in RhinoAir 4.0
  • Object animation
  • Motion blur
  • Bake shading results to mesh vertices
  • Ptex (per face texture mapping)
  • Physical sun and sky shaders
  • Spectral colors
  • 2-point perspective in Rhino 5

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