Tuesday, March 31, 2009

McNeel, VisualDream and Rhinophoto @ UdK Berlin

We are currently holding a teacher workshop at the Universität der Künste, Berlin.

On Wednesday, at the end of the afternoon session, Ioannis Zonitsas from Visual Dream will present a live demo of Rhinophoto, scanning the side panel of a Smart for 4 car.

When: Wednesday, April 1st. 17.00-18.00.
Where: Hall at the Universität der Künste
Hardenbergstraße 33, Berlin.

Rhinophoto automatically creates 3D points from a set of photos taken with positioned coded targets.
Each target corresponds to a Number.

This Number is read by Rhinophoto from the photo and allows it to automatically create 2D points on the images at the center of the target.

Then Rhinophoto computes 3D point positions from 2D points on each image and creates Rhino 3D points.