Friday, March 6, 2009

New RhinoAir

A new version of the RhinoAir plug-in for rendering with Air from Rhino 4 is now available. What's new:

  • Dynamic view changes for interactive preview rendering (IPR) TweakAir has a new option to automatically update the view used for high-quality preview rendering when the corresponding Rhino view changes.
  • Instancer shaders AIR 8 introduces a new instancer shader type that creates new objects on-demand at render time. The RhinoAir help file includes detailed instructions on using the new tree instancer for growing trees at render time.
  • Light channels: save a separate output image for each light
  • Shader parameters for per-object environment maps
  • Many additional options now update in the interactive view
  • New help file section with tips for rendering large images
  • New common product licensing policy: anyone with an Air license can now use BakeAir and TweakAir.

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