Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Seoul landmark designed in Rhino

The Han River Art Island is the city of Seoul's major facelift. Nodeul Island, a long-deserted island in the middle of the city, will be reborn as a giant art complex after a (US$300 million) cosmetic surgery. Expected to open in 2014, the new 53,000 square meter culture and arts complex on Nodeul Island will house two concert halls, an art gallery, an outdoor concert stage, a sculpture park, an ecological park, and a scenic café.

Sanghoon Yoon, forwarded us these links, along with this comment:

"Recently there was a big architecture competition to design opera house in Seoul, and Rhino was used to design. Under the direction of dmp partners president, Seunghong Park, I did 3D modeling for rendering and mock-up. I used RhinoScript to develop the pattern."

News in English:
Project blog posts in Korean:

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dabella said...

Hello, is this 3D model open source? I am an architecture student trying to propose a bridge design and would really appreciate having this 3D model, or at least the info you used to create it.
Thank you so much!