Wednesday, March 25, 2009

III International Workshop Digital Design Processes Porto, April 6-13

The III International Workshop Digital Design Processes (DDPIII) at the ESAP - Porto/Portugal - wishes to continue to discuss the implementation of digital tools in architecture and will try to develop the theoretical background into a practical experience about the integration of new digital technologies of drawing (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM) in architecture.

This edition follows the seminar Digital Architecture and the DDPI and DDPII editions, held in previous years. For seven days, a restricted group of students will be oriented in the development of a concise practical work, that will explore the constructive and creative possibilities opened through digital processes.

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This workshop is for architectural students and professionals interested in expanding their knowledge. The availability to speak other languages (English, Spanish and French) encourages the participation of persons of others countries. Though not a mandatory requirement, the workshop will give preference to who have basic knowledge of digital modeling.


The DDPII Workshop consists of two independent courses (projects), dedicated to the exploitation of concepts and specific digital techniques. Complementary, parallel lectures are expected involving national and international researchers. At the end, the works will be presented in a public session at the ESAP, and in an exhibition that will be organized at during the workshop.


Digital Production (20 hours)
Orientation: José Pedro Sousa. Assistant: Luis de Sousa

Scripting (20 hours)
Orientation X-Ref + Ernesto Bueno (invited, EsArq-UIC, Barcelona)


Inscriptions are now open until March 30. The registration in the workshop includes participation in the two courses. Participants are enrolled in order of their registration. The workshop has a minimum of 14 students and is a maximum of 20 students.

Time table

The classes will be between April 6-12, in two daily sessions (10:00-13:00 + 14:30-18:00). A public final presentation with the work developed is scheduled for Monday, April 13 (afternoon) at the ESAP.

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