Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Rhino User Webinar: NAAR - Architectural Nature - Natural Architecture, July 27 at 4 PM CEST


Why did Galileo Galilei say that "nature is written in the language of mathematics"?

In this webinar edition, Agustina Alaines will show us her successful use of Rhino and Grasshopper from a different architectonical point of view. What is the logic of natural systems, and can we discover and reproduce their rules according to numerical relationships and geometric patterns? These processes of exploration and creation can be carried out by analog or digital methods; however, computers help us compute vast amounts of information (inputs) to develop artificial logics or systems that, like nature, can produce infinite results (outputs).

Speaker: Agustina Alaines is an Argentine-Spanish architect, designer, and academic. Born in Buenos Aires, she graduated as an architect from the University of Buenos Aires (FADU, UBA) and specialized in Parametric Design (University of Palermo). After receiving a full scholarship, she moved to Los Angeles (USA) to study the Master of Science in Architectural Technologies at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI_Arc), where she graduated with honors.

She has extensive academic experience as the head of practical work of architectural design projects at the FADU, UBA (Buenos Aires), professor of speculative architecture and experimental urbanism at SCI_Arc (Los Angeles), of Computational Thinking at the Universidad de Los Andes (Bogota) and of the final project of the Design degree at the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (Buenos Aires).

After gaining experience in renowned studios in Argentina and the United States, where she worked as Design Director and Project Manager, Agustina recently founded NAAR: her speculative architecture studio investigating the relationship between ARtificial NATURE and NAtural ARchitecture. NAAR develops responsive systems at the intersection of physical and virtual space, graphic and industrial design, science, technology, and art.

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