Friday, July 22, 2022

Rhino and Grasshopper for the Metaverse (by University of Nicosia)

Students of the department of Architecture ARC at the University of Nicosia participated and have been awarded in the Architecture Category at The Next Top Metaverse Build. A virtual buildathon, competition, and accelerator program helping to spotlight the next wave of Metaverse entrepreneurs and builders. The competition offered the opportunity to build, pitch, and test ideas in front of industry-leading Metaverses, protocols, organizations, and investors. The competition attracted more than 160 international entries, and the awards ceremony was hosted in Decentraland at One Times Square (-106,-119) on 23rd June 2022.

The competition projects were developed during an educational intensive 1-week workshop, titled Metascapes, exploring the potential role of the architectural profession and education during the current development phase of the metaverse. Through undergraduate and postgraduate programs, architecture students at the University of Nicosia are formally exposed to Rhinoceros and its graphical programmingeditor Grasshopper. Using both packages, the students successfully realized custom workflows to translate their projects from a familiar 3D modeling environment to interactive metaverse platforms. The proposals yielded conclusive findings, revealing a fertile ground for further architectural research and involvement with the metaverse.

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