Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Biomimetic Footwear V1.0 - Webinar

Biomimetic Footwear V1.0 combines parametric modeling and traditional modeling to explore Avant Garde bio-inspired footwear concepts. Participants learn how to take a concept from idea to form and visually present it in a convincing rendering. Between sculpting and computational design, take SubD modeling as the foundation and apply generative forms in Grasshopper. Learn to use growth as a generative tool to create unexpected patterns and results in forms that resemble those found in nature and organisms. Within the course, work with Rhinoceros paired with Grasshopper + Parakeet plugin to achieve the biomorphic designs. Explore using Pufferfish to create complex forms morphing and repeating single units which can be potentially used for a midsole for 3D printing. Create a convincing rendering by tweaking material, lighting, and settings in KeyShot. Lastly, use basic post-production in Photoshop to bring the concept to life in the final footwear design.

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