Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Food4Rhino webinar: The Essential Guide to Digital Jewelry Design - July 7 at 4 PM CEST

Join the authors Akiyo Matsuoka, Atsuo Nakajima, and Eva Tucek for an intro to their new book, The Essential Guide to Digital Jewelry Design, and open dialogue with them.

The Essential Guide to Digital Jewelry Design is a bilingual exercise book, in Japanese and English, that introduces the world of CAD Jewelry Design using Rhino —the most versatile 3D modeling program—and the Grasshopper plugin which is integrated into the newest versions of Rhino. With the help of Grasshopper algorithms, you can create modeling procedures easily, enable simulations, modify, iterate and find better results by manipulating parameters.

The book helps you understand how to recreate your jewelry designs on the computer using these latest computational design techniques, teaching tips and tricks to achieve specific results, and generally maximize your workflow and possibilities. Learn to build both simple and complex designs, and use the tips to extend your knowledge base for more advanced 3D Jewelry modeling.


Akiyo Matsuoka is a jewelry designer, faculty at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Founder of Leona NY 3D printed jewelry. She is passionate about exploring computational design and expanding new viewpoints across disciplines, encouraging forward-thinking and applying experimental, innovative approaches to design. She retailed her fine jewelry collection, Akiyo Matsuoka, internationally, including Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Takashimaya NY, Lane Crawford Hong Kong. She is an Authorized Rhino Trainer and adviser for design professionals. Her clients are in jewelry and other design fields (Tiffany & Co., Ralph Lauren, Movado Group, Macy’s Parade and Entertainment Group, West Elm, US Air Force to name a few).


Eva Tucek is a jewelry designer and teacher living in Paris, France. She consults designers on producing their collections and works with the family studio in Vienna and their factory in Bangkok to manufacture collections and bespoke pieces for both retailers and private collectors. Her jewelry training was an informal one, growing up in South Africa and spending a lot of time in the workshop of her mother, who is an accomplished goldsmith, playing with metal and precious stones. She learned to make little pieces for friends and family at an early age. More frequently now, she focuses on jewelry rendering and architectural projects.


Atsuo Nakajima is a 3D digital modeling expert specializing in Material Sciences in Tokyo. Atsuo’s graduation thesis was on Quantum Chemistry, and he also studied oil and acrylic painting. He has a strong background in physical science and is knowledgeable on freeform shaping with digital modeling. After years of experience with Rhino, Atsuo provided consultation work for product designers and design departments of various companies based on his expertise in computational modeling methods and freeform modeling. He has published several books and thesis regarding digital design and modeling to date. In 2014 Atsuo was named the winning candidate of the Toyama Design Competition. He is also a member of the Japanese Society for the Science of Design, a member of the Architectural Institute of Japan, and a lecturer at the Musashino Art University, in the Department of Science of Design.


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