Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The Obsidian Rain pavilion at the Biennale in Venice | 17th International Architecture Exhibition


The Obsidian Rain pavilion is one of the main attractions of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition, which was opened to the public on May 22nd.

In this opportunity, the exhibition deals with the theme How will we live together?, which brings many interesting and multidisciplinary collaborations. 

The Obsidian Rain pavilion is a non-standard project designed by Cave_Bureau, using a combination of technologies: FEM structural analysis, Parametric Design, and Augmented Reality. The result is simply amazing, and it's located at the entrance of Biennale Gardens. 

Inside the installation, the cave ceiling is created by 1686 Obsidian stones hung on steel ropes with different lengths. The scope is to recreate the entrance of the cave that was laser scanned.

Grasshopper was one of the main tools needed to make this project happen:

"The interoperability between the structural analysis software (RFEM) and the algorithmic modeling software (Rhino + Grasshopper) was crucial. This synergy allowed the efficient management of a large amount of data through an algorithm that updated the FEM model during the various modifications and made it possible to extract the lengths (all different) of the 1686 cables sorted by rows".

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