Monday, June 21, 2021

GRIDDLE - New volume mesher for Rhino

Griddle provides automatic, interactive, and easy-to-use surface meshing tools and volume mesh generation capabilities. 

Meshes created by Griddle can be imported into various numerical simulation software, including FLAC3D/3DEC, ABAQUS, ANSYS, NASTRAN, and LS-DYNA. 

Griddle is a commercial product with a free demo version available. 
It can be installed for Rhino Versions 6 and 7 (Windows platform).

Griddle has been designed to address meshing needs primarily in the fields of civil, mining, geotechnical, and petroleum engineering. However, Griddle is a general meshing software and it can produce volume meshes for a variety of applications requiring Finite Element, Finite Volume, Discrete Element analyses, or other types of numerical modeling.

Griddle's volume meshes are capable of creating:
  • Fully structured, fully conformal, hexahedral volume meshes based on Rhino solids.
  • Unstructured, fully conformal, hex-dominant, or tetrahedral volume meshes based on surface meshes.
In addition, Griddle provides powerful capabilities to work with surface meshes, such as mesh clean-up and repair, conformal intersections, re-meshing, extraction, extrusion, extension, etc.

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