Thursday, May 6, 2021

Free-Form from Scratch Workshop by Design-to-Production, May 10-12


Free-Form from Scratch Workshop 

Date: May 10-12
Time: 3 times 2 hours 19h30-21h30 CEST
Tutors: Sylvain Usai, Fabian Scheurer, and Evy Slabbinck (all Design-to-Production)

Design-to-Production has seen its share of free-form projects and experienced quite some dead ends and wrong turns. Do you want to know the secrets behind these amazing buildings? Join this workshop and learn all about the roadmap for the entire project life of a free-form project based on case studies. Design-to-Production shares its knowledge in an interactive practice-based manner and with a holistic approach, enabling participants to ask the right questions at the right time and safely navigate through the solution space of free-form structures.

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