Thursday, May 13, 2021

GhPython Dive Deeper online course


Have you ever struggled with coding in Rhino and Grasshopper

Thousands of people have joined us in the GhPython Introduction Online course and found coding much easier and fascinating!

With the interest of participants in a level two course, in order to extend their knowledge and learn more features about GhPython, we are happy to introduce you to the second level of GhPython Online called GhPython Dive Deeper

In this course, you will learn more data types, more functions, list comprehensions, format methods, creating color and animation in GhPython, differences between Rhino Common and rhinoscriptsyntax, and the amazing part of Rhino.Inside.Revit which lets you enjoy using Rhino with your Revit models, and vice versa.

Please, make sure that you have completed the GhPython Intro course before getting started for GhPython Dive Deeper

You will have the opportunity to upload your codes and question to get answers from your teacher, Niloofar Zaker

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.Questions? Contact Niloofar Zaker 

Niloofar Zaker is a computational designer who works on parametric modeling in Rhino and Grasshopper with Python. She has a background in architecture, and after several years of working in this field, she believes coding is becoming the language of the near future. She is excited to share her experiences with you throughout the course. 

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