Thursday, May 27, 2021

IAAC Global Summer School 2021 - Online workshop applications open!

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
Global Summer School 2021 // July 5-29, 2021

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is glad to launch another edition of the Global Summer School (GSS21), the 14th edition of the international summer educational program focussing on designing the future of our cities. The program will take place online from IAAC Barcelona from July 5 through July 29.

This year, the GSS21 offers a unique online platform interconnecting its extraordinary network of faculty, industry collaborators, and laboratories in the most extensive online educational summer course of 2021. Since the first editions, we have digitally connected, meeting, sharing, and learning together in an incredible global environment of innovators and educators.

IAAC decided to launch a novel, flexible model, enriching our digital routes within a new format. The GSS21 will offer four online workshops exploring the impact of novel tools in the definition of a new Advanced Architecture at different scales. The program is an opportunity for architecture, design, art students, and professionals alike to conduct multi-level investigations on computational design, urban analytics, design for robotics—controlling IAAC robots remotely—and environmental design.

This new program will celebrate alternative learning models dealing with the challenges of transforming our cities, architecture, and technology. Each participant can now trace a personal path in this dynamic format, picking a single GSS21 workshop or enrolling in the entire program. Every module will be run by IAAC faculties, allowing the participants to interact, work and develop projects in a class environment, taking part in Global Lectures and meeting international experts and guests.

“The world is seeking new minds in design, architecture, and construction to address emerging challenges in our societies and cities,” said Aldo Sollazzo, director of the IAAC Global Summer School. “Programs such as the Global Summer School provides the budding minds of the architecture field with the tools they need to shape new solutions.”

The previous edition of GSS20 was a success, counting more than 150 international participants worldwide joining together an explorative summer educational program. Students and professionals interested in participating need to apply here by June 25, 2021.

Join the biggest educational summer program ever done before!

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