Monday, May 10, 2021

Into the Wild - design competitions by Non Architecture

Nature is the designer of this world. Since ancient history, we have always imagined and represented nature in a great many ways across history, painting it and worshipping it. Today we ended up undervaluing it.

Architects and designers have control over our built environment; by designing cities and buildings to empower rather than disconnect from ecosystems, we can change our proximity to the environment and change our physical relationship to it. Rekindling our relationship with nature is a task that architecture and urban design are well suited to tackle. Recognizing and making decisions based on nature’s value will be essential for building a better world.

Bringing nature back into our cities and enhancing existing ecological zones can deliver a truly impressive array of benefits, ranging from health and well-being to climate change adaptation and mitigation. However, reconciling cities with nature requires more than just a scientific approach.

Into the Wild is a compilation of design challenges that aim to approach the element of nature from different perspectives.

In this scenario, Rhino software presents itself as a powerful creative tool to design and develop the most innovative proposal to submit on this series of competitions.

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