Friday, January 29, 2021

Win a scholarship for DesignMorphine’s master’s degree!

Whether you’ve already graduated or are about to graduate from college, getting a master’s degree is always an option you might consider to get ahead with your career and improve your current skill set. If you’ve ever thought about or are actively considering taking a master’s degree in the computational design field, then this may be good news for you. 

ShapeDiver will collaborate with DesignMorphine to provide one of three partial scholarships for their upcoming Master of Science in Computational and Advanced Design. A 9-month online program focuses on architecture and product design, fully accredited by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and accepted worldwide.

The scholarships will require students to apply before February 28, 2021. Each scholarship will grant up to €2900 to students who meet the criteria.

More information and applications...

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