Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Computational Design with Grasshopper Course

Knowledge is priceless!

We are excited to offer an online comprehensive Grasshopper Computational Design Course for Rhino 6 and 7 in English and Spanish!

For those interested in acquiring Grasshopper skills at your own pace, this online Computational Design with Grasshopper course is for you.

This course explores forms and design possibilities with Grasshopper’s tools and their relationship to Rhino. 
Watch a few of the projects you will be able to create after the completion of this course! The class will help you improve your workflow by covering modeling geometry, data structure, general concepts, data types, data matching, lists, trees, and of course, tons of creativity. It will provide you with a functional understanding of Grasshopper and parametric design thinking. Grasshopper’s preliminary design and concept development advantages come to life in numerous real-life examples throughout the course.

This online course is now available! It is free for teachers and students and offered at a discounted price for professionals using the following coupons:

Computational Design with Grasshopper in English - Click here
  • Faculty members or students enjoy for free using this coupon code: EDUCATION_IS_PRICELESS_GH 
  • Design Professionals enjoy 50% off using this coupon code: COMPUTATIONALGHENG50

Diseño Computacional con Grasshopper en Español - Clic aquí
  • Profesores o estudiantes gratis con este cupón: EDUCACIONNOTIENEPRECIOGH

  • Profesionales 50% de descuento con este cupón: DISENOCOMPUTACIONALGH

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