Friday, January 29, 2021

Designing for Timber online workshop for architects by Design-to-Production, February 1-3

Designing for Timber workshop by Design-to-Production
Date: February 1-3
Time: 3 times 2 hours, 19h30-21h30 CET

With climate change in mind, timber construction is the future! Building in wood is sustainable, efficient, and lightweight–and has a lot of architectural qualities. Join this workshop and learn all about the material, its detailing and fabrication, and how all this influences the planning process. Design-to-Production shares their knowledge in an interactive practice-based manner. And with a holistic approach enables participants to develop in-depth knowledge and confidence to design innovative timber structures.


Dustin said...

When you click to register, it says the page is not available.

Greta said...

Registration link is: