Friday, May 3, 2019

Open call for artists in Horizon 2020 project MindSpaces

McNeel Europe is collaborating as a consortium partner in MindSpaces, a 3-year research project funded by Horizon 2020 and financed by the European Commission STARTS/Lighthouse projects.

To encourage the collaboration of research projects and artists, STARTS funds residencies of artists in tech institutions and scientists or technologists in artist studios. MindSpaces will offer a limited number of residencies for a period of 6 to 18 months. Accepted applicants will become part of the MindSpaces research team

The residency is open to artists of all types and experience, but preference will be given to those whose practices have previously engaged with science, emerging technologies, interactive installations, AR/VR installations, architectural design, or art in public spaces. Successful applicants will receive a lump sum of 30-60,000 euros max for min 6 to max 18 months that includes travel and material budgets.

In this project, Rhino and Grasshopper will be used as a platform to interact and develop parametric and virtual 3-D indoor and outdoor environments driven by art and behavioral data. Neuro-feedback collected from test individuals will provide information about space usability, comfort and functionality testers perceive in VR. 

For more information about the call visit the call page on the MindSpaces website

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