Monday, May 13, 2019

Digital Design and Production in Architecture workshop by INDEXLAB in Milano - July 1-13, 2019

The workshop Digital Design and Production in Architecture, organized by INDEXLAB – Politecnico di Milano (July 1-13, 2019), offers a new vision on architecture and its manufacturing methodologies.

While 20th Century architecture focused on mass production and serial repetition of its components, architecture today is characterized by unique elements, industrially produced through advanced CNC fabrication machines. At the same time, the rise of novel programming platforms for design makes it possible to generate processes and algorithms to control form and technological aspects from the first conceptual stages of the design until the construction phase. This makes it possible to integrate aesthetics and functionality, structural resistance, and energy performance within one coherent design process.

By defining such design to production workflow, both fabrication and material limits and potentials play a crucial role in generating competitive logical construction systems. Robots and CNC machinery contribute to the redefinition of design methodologies and construction processes, transferring most of the manufacturing from the building site to industrial production, where advanced components, integrating structure and envelope, can be designed and fabricated into complex solutions with high aesthetic and functional value.

The workshop aims to bring together visionary companies, advanced designers and innovation-oriented students to envision new synergies between academic research, architectural practice, and industrial production.

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