Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Bamboo Office, project winner at the International Design Building Competition in China

The Bamboo Office, a project entirely designed with Rhino (2D+3D) and with an environmental analysis performed with Grasshopper, is one of the winners of the 1st International Design Building Competition promoted by the Chinese Sustainable Design Centre and the China New Building Materials Design & Research Institute. Barberio Colella ARC (Maurizio Barberio and Micaela Colella), in collaboration with Angelo Figliola, designed this interesting project in which architectural, bioclimatic, and environmental aspects converge.

The award-winning proposal features a double-skin facade surrounded by 15-meter tall bamboo plants to optimize the bioclimatic behavior of the building and reconnect employees with nature while working.

The building is part of a masterplan developed by the Chinese Institutions in which participants have been invited to design green buildings to showcase a new sustainable era for the future of China. The construction of all the winning entries will start in the next few months after the follow-up technical meeting.

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