Friday, May 3, 2019

Non Architecture - Re-Draw Competition - Casa da Música

Designers have always used drawings to communicate their ideas to the rest of the world. Drawings were considered a communication medium, used to represent abstract concepts and bring them closer to reality. It was a primordial effort of giving a shape to thoughts and narrate concepts visually.

In the digital age, where content and images dominate our daily life, the relationship with visual content drastically changes when it comes to architecture. Renown buildings are often photographed, Instagrammed, shared as a passive portrait of what architecture can look like. It's to the point that some designers design for more photogenic buildings. The result is a media-oriented image of architecture, often portrayed online by various users from the same angle, following the trending aesthetics and styles. What used to be a moment of creation, tends to become today a passive exercise of pure repetition. 

Based on this paradigm, the competition series wants to encourage representation as a proactive exercise, and engage the public in rediscovering a given building, an architectural icon, proactively researching a new image, a new way to portray it, by being creative, critical and innovative.
Casa da Música by OMA—the Porto Concert Hallis the first building selected for the RE-DRAW competition series.

The “Re-Draw” competition aims to develop one visual to ‘represent’ an iconic architecture.

The participants are asked to draft one image, with absolute freedom of scale, technique, and level of abstraction.

We encourage creativeness, criticality, and innovation.

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