Friday, January 11, 2019

Advanced Parametric Design - Live Online Training by McNeel

Dates: March 4–7, 11–14, 2019 (8 days)
Hours: 10 AM–3 PM each day (PST)
Price: US$395.00

Please join Rajaa Issa for the Advanced Parametric Design Master Class in Grasshopper. This two-week comprehensive training is for designers seeking to develop critical and comprehensive understanding of parametric design methods and geometry using Grasshopper.


Kishor said...

Hello, I am interested in Grasshopper and parametric design, but I do not have almost any experience with it. I would like to check do you have beginner training in agenda and could you give me date when it is scheduled if the answer is yes ?
Thank you

Kind regards

Unknown said...

I'm interested on this class but unfortunately at the moment I can't attend during week days at that time.
Is it the only schedule you have available?

Thank you.


Rajaa Issa said...

Hi all,
There are ongoing live online classes and on-demand ones for Grasshopper beginners and intermediate. Check rhino3d.come>learn>[left menu has Live and On-Demand links]. Here is the direct link to live online:

The above class does not have on-demand version available, and we have not scheduled another live class yet. If we do, it will show in the schedule in the link above. Many students cannot attend live, but they register and then accessed the full live recordings and class material [typically, the material stays available for 3 months].

I hope this helps.