Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Advanced Parametric Techniques with Grasshopper, New York

February 9–10 (Saturday and Sunday)
New York 

Design Lucidity has added this advanced Grasshopper course to their schedule. Participants will be taken through an intensive series of explorations using Grasshopper to create a highly complex facade system for a skyscraper. The curriculum will build on existing case studies that explain major constraints for systematically defining parametric facades.

Topics such as skeletal modeling, data tree structures, data abstraction, clustering, and performance analysis will be covered and synthesized to highlight the potential of parametric holistic design thinking. Each major system in the design will be taken to a high level of detail, allowing designers to customize user-defined features specific to their performance analysis. The workflows introduced in this workshop are meant to prepare participants with applicable knowledge of parametric methodologies that can be applied to various design problems.

Note: Each participant is required to bring their own laptop with Rhino and Grasshopper installed before the beginning of the course.

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