Saturday, January 26, 2019

Morphine Streams V1.0

Design Morphine invites you to their first webinar series, Morphine Streams V1.0! Each webinar will be 4.5 hours long with a 15-minute break and 15 minutes Q&A. Webinars will take place in Private Facebook groups via Facebook Live. Participants will be able to ask questions by commenting on the video. All webinars will be in English and recorded to watch later.


Intro to Pufferfish | Saturday - March 9, 2019
This course will focus on the Pufferfish plugin for Grasshopper. It will provide an overview of its components and uses in your computational workflows.

Sculpting Geometry | Sunday - March 10, 2019
Digital sculpting for architects represents a post-generative attitude. Here, digital craft takes over algorithms, resulting in forms that are not necessarily “clean” and strictly defined.

Generative Columns | Saturday - March 16, 2019
Through this webinar, learn to understand the principles of Grasshopper in applied exercises that will teach you how to design a generative column, and eventually fabricate it. (Every design will be one that can be 3D printed with any type of printer, from small scale using plastic or resin to large scale robots using clay, cement, or plastic. The logic is the same.)

Rationalized Enclosures | Sunday - March 17, 2019
Roofs and facades are one of the aspects of a building in which we have artistic freedom to design. Organic roof fabrication and facade structuring will be covered as examples to explain the process of optimizing designs for production and construction.

Coded Particle Systems | Saturday - March 23, 2019
In this webinar, students will dive into the world of C# programming. No previous coding experience is required. We will introduce particle systems and learn how to work with particles. We will write code to define behaviors such as attraction, repulsion, alignment. And we will build different particle systems: circle packing, bouncing particles and curve growth.

Sci-Fi Architecture Scenes | Sunday - March 24, 2019
This webinar showcases the workflow for setting up an architectural scene in Unreal and producing 360 VR Video renderings and screenshots. The participants learn to model a speculative architectural building/intervention in ZBrush using low poly hard surface modeling techniques. They are exposed to the basics of UV unwrapping strategies of the objects.

Procedural Data-Driven Facades | Saturday - March 30, 2019
This webinar focuses on creating a component-based façade that responds to local data-driven conditions. The proposed workflow will combine Maya procedural modeling and Grasshopper parametric benefits to create complex yet controlled facade geometries.

Time-Aided Design | Sunday - March 31, 2019
This webinar explores a set of modeling techniques that deploy animation as the primary tool to achieve dynamic complex design and structures. The results are parametric and time-controlled by the user and can be combined following the same principles.

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