Friday, August 31, 2018

Innochain exhibition starts today “Practice Futures – Building Design in a new material age” - KADK, Copenhagen

Aug 31-Dec 7
9.00 am-5.00 pm

KADK Exhibition Hall
1435 Copenhagen K

We invite you to the Innochain exhibition PRACTICE FUTURES: BUILDING DESIGN FOR A NEW MATERIAL AGE at KADK. Innochain is a European PhD network examining new potentials in digital design practice within architecture, engineering, IT, and fabrication. 

The exhibition showcases the results of 15 PhD projects from 6 institutions across Europe. With a strong industry focus, the PhDs are undertaken in collaboration with 14 cutting edge industry partners from across the interdisciplinary field. McNeel Europe S.L. is one of the official industrial partners.

Together we investigate the extended digital chain–the way that a shared digital platform can allow tools for analysis, fabrication and material design to interface so as to create new interdisciplinary methods and digital workflows for future building industry. Here you will see how:

  • digital tools can make new use of traditional craft techniques
  • resource aware optimization can lead to new structural designs
  • shared digital platforms can lead to a new understanding of collaboration
Rhino, Grasshopper + Apps have been extensively used in all these PhD research projects.

The Innochain exhibition PRACTICE FUTURES is co-organised with the international conference PRACTICE FUTURES: Expanding information modelling for a new material age. The conference will take place at the Danish Architecture Centre, Nov 8-9, 2018. Registration to the conference is open now:

Innochain Industry partners:
BIG, Bluhmer Lehmann, Buro Happold, Cloud 9, designtoproduction, Fibre, Foster Partners, HENN, McNeel Europe, ROK-Office, S-Form, Str.ucture, White Architects, Smith Innovation

Innochain Academic Partners:
The Bartlett School of Architecture - UCL, IOA - University of Applied Arts Vienna, CITA - The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, ITKE - University of Stuttgartt, IAAC, KTH School of Architecture

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