Thursday, August 23, 2018

Droid now on food4Rhino

Droid is a free 3D printing Grasshopper plugin library add-on that offers control over model slicing, custom paths, and Gcode generation.

Droid allows control over conventional slicing features, such as infill, shell thickness and caps, within the Rhino and Grasshopper environment. Also, output and editing of paths are available once models are sliced into the Rhino and Grasshopper workspace, allowing full control and analysis.

Custom or edited paths can then be input back into Droid for Gcode preparation and generation.

With Droid, you can prepare and print models in a Plug and Play style with Droid components. Or opt for a more controlled and experimental manner with custom input and output print paths.

Droid can use various printing devices, from small desktop 3D printers to large robotic fabricators.

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