Tuesday, August 21, 2018

SudoHopper3D Teacher's Guide

To help you learn Grasshopper, McNeel Miami has created SudoHopper3D, a card game to improve the overall understanding of parametric thinking. SudoHopper3D playfully takes you on a journey through mathematics, algorithms, and basic coding. 

Level 1 provides the players with 32 assignments to write definitions. To help educators facilitate learning for their students, we have provided a Teacher's Guide that works as a "cheat sheet" and has the definitions for all assignments. 

Download the Teacher's Guide to get access to all Level 1 definitions here

The card game consists of 126 cards for Level 1. Players have the option to download the free PDF file that comes with all the cards needed for playing SudoHopper3D. Or they can order the physical cards online from here.

We also recommend that players rent the Level 1 videos from our Vimeo On Demand page. These videos will show you different ways to write the definition to solve each assignment. The videos are available in either English or Spanish.

Check out this video of students playing SudoHopper3D!

For more information, please contact Andres Gonzalez.

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