Thursday, May 24, 2018

Pufferfish V2.0

Pufferfish V2.0 for Grasshopper is now available!

This update adds 16 new components, most notably:
  • Components for Tweening Curves Along Curves
  • A custom Curve Graph Mapper which accepts any and multiple curves as inputs to graph with
  • Unsplit Surface components for making polysurface like surfaces which read as one untrimmed surface
  • Twisted Box components like Sweep, Deform, Thicken, and Subdivide
  • More features and options added to previous components
  • General optimizations and fixes
  • Some component rearrangements in the tabs
Some components require at least Rhino 5 SR14.

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Isla Poppy said...

it's very informative. Thanks for sharing.