Wednesday, May 30, 2018

10 reasons why every designer should learn 3D

Rhino and Grasshopper were used by BMW to create the complex geometry of the “Alive Geometry” for the Vision Next 100 Concept.

Car Body Design recently published a very nice article about
why every designer should learn 3D:

"Despite all the advancement in digital technologies, as you have probably noticed most design-related websites and magazines are still dominated by 2D images: from sketches to drawings and renders, bidimensional images are still crucial in the creative design stage – which is not a bad thing, as they are still the fastest way to visually communicate and explore new ideas.

Additionally, 3D modeling has been often associated with the creation of the final, high quality CAD models – the so-called Class A surfaces – that are used for final engineering and production. This is the task of CAD/CAS (Computer Aided Styling) specialists and it’s a very time-consuming process, guided by technical requirements rather than creativity.

All this can lead design students – as well as all those who are interested in becoming designers – to think that learning 3D is not strictly necessary.

Instead, creative designers should approach 3D in a different way: as a tool that expands their creative possibilities, increases efficiency and improves the final quality of the products.

In fact, there is plenty of reasons why knowing how to model and render in 3D is an important asset for any designer – and more than ever today.

We have compiled a list of what we think are the main reasons why any designer should really consider learning 3D."

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