Friday, May 25, 2018

INESCOP footwear plugins

INESCOP is a Centre for Technology and Innovation, founded in 1971 as a private and nonprofit association. With more than 45 years of experience, the Institute provides technology services, transfers knowledge and conducts research on general relevant topics for the footwear sector.

Based on top of Rhino, INESCOP has developed the following solutions for complex insole and outsole design:

ICad3DP is a software for 3D sole design with many tools for the intuitive and simple creation of the different sole elements, from a digitized last through reverse engineering. A complex outsole can be designed to be printed in 3D.

It also includes specific tools to design heels, platforms, top pieces, top piece molds, as well as machining paths.

IcadPAN is a 3D anatomic insoles design software with an intuitive interface, which allows automatization of many tasks that professionals in the podology sector usually do by hand, from the design to the manufacturing of the insole. It enables the personalization of the insole to adapt it to the characteristics and needs of each patient.

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