Thursday, May 31, 2018

Leitat's new aircraft seat: lightweight, cost effective, healthy and recyclable

The new aircraft seat for economy class created by Leitat weights 8,5 kg, is easy to dismantle and 90% of its weight is recyclable. It has a simple design made of composite materials. It also reduces the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Its smart and friendly design, as well as its foldable footrest, intends to offer a new user experience to the passenger. By raising the passenger's legs, the footrest and tilt seat reduce the risk of DVT.

By incorporating composite materials instead of metallic components and significantly simplifying the seat design, Leitat’s team created a new aircraft seat that exceeds the technical quality requirements of the airplane companies.
Before bringing this product to the market, further developments are necessary and are being currently evaluated.

Rhinoceros was used during the HAIRD Project for modeling the complex surfaces of the principal components. It has been a powerful tool to design the seat's package according to the ergonomic requirements. Finally, Rhino combined with V-Ray allowed creating renderings to support the dissemination of the project. 

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3dcnc said...

looks super comfortable for that 15 hour long haul flight to Cape Town.