Saturday, February 11, 2017

Asian Digital Modeling Contest 2017

The Asian Digital Modeling Contest 2017 (ADMC2017) will be held in conjunction with the 11th Asian Forum on Graphic Science (AFGS2017), which is primarily sponsored by the Japan Society for Graphic Science. ADMC2017 is presently inviting original 3D models which can be built using 3D printers.

The contest aims to spread fundamental technologies for inspiring the creation of three-dimensional mechanisms and objects in new innovative environments led by additive manufacturing (3D printers). Over the past 10 years the Japan Society for Graphic Science has been holding the Digital Modeling Contest in Japan. Based on experience accumulated through these contests, the society has expanded the areas eligible for entering works and is inviting entries from abroad.

Entries selected for the final round will be asked to make a presentation on their work and take part in the poster exhibition in the final judgment held during AFGS2017. Travel expenses will be provided to entries qualifying for the final judgment.

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