Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Virtually stress test your design

Announcing Intact.design, an online structural simulation service powered by Scan&Solve technology.

Know if your design is going to break before you make it.

Features of this free service:
  • Simulation in your browser. Mesh-free technology of Scan&Solve is in your browser. All you have to do is upload a model, pick a case, and run.
  • Automated simulation studies. Several built-in cases are included for simple simulation setup. 
  • Fast results. Simulation only take a few minutes to run. 
The US National Science Foundation provided financial support for this service. It is free and offers the same ease-of-use expected from other Scan&Solve solutions.

Intact Solutions wants your feedback, so that they can improve the service and tailor it to your needs.


Karen Jakobsen said...

This is great! Will it work with Mac?

Karen Jakobsen said...
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