Monday, January 30, 2017

Edy the skier: A wooden sculpture at the upcoming World Ski Championships 2017 - St. Moritz (Switzerland)


For the World Ski Championships 2017, a 19 meter high, walkable skier has been built in the center of the host town of St. Moritz.

The wooden sculpture, designed by Aroma from Zurich, will be used as an event space during the medal ceremonies. Projections, dance and climbing showsas well as TV presentationswill be taking place in and on the skier. The skin is composed of more than 600 CNC cut timber panels. A wooden tower with stairs supports the structure and provides access to the three platforms inside.

Design-to-Production created a digital 3D model in production quality and delivered data for CNC fabrication of all 637 individual panels and their nearly 1000 connections just seven weeks after the first project meeting in October 2016.

Due to the tight schedule, the main focus was to quickly develop parametric details, in close collaboration with the engineers. They needed to be precisely prefabricated and easy to assemble. By generating assembly instructions directly from the 3D model and attaching them to every single panel, it was ensured that the skier could be erected in just three weeks.

“Everything was done in Rhino, down to fabrication data for the 5-axis cutting on a Homag machine (we created MPR-data directly from the model)” (Fabian Scheurer from Design-to-Production)

Location: St.Moritz (CH)
Opening: February 2017
Client: Aroma Productions AG, Zurich (CH)
Consulting: Création Holz, Hermann Blumer
Timber Construction: A.Freund Holzbau, Samedan (CH)
Structural Engineering: sblumer ZT, Graz (AT) Detail Engineering IHT Rafz (CH)
CNC-Fabrication: Bearbeitungs- & Zuschnittzentrum AG, Leibstadt (CH) Digital Planning Design-to-Production, Zurich (CH)

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