Thursday, January 12, 2017

Now available: Orca3D Marine Simulation

DRS Technologies and their Orca3D marine design software have now partnered with Simerics, a leading supplier of CFD simulation software to several vertical industries.

Orca3D now links to CFD analysis software. This one solution enables Orca3D users to simulate the performance of marine vehicles using CFD.

By using CFD software, Orca3D can improve hull design, propeller design, and study phenomena such as the porpoising of planing hulls. Orca3D Marine Simulation provides accurate CFD simulations of a vessel's performance. There's no need to become a specialized CFD analyst to take advantage of Orca3D Marine Simulation. The time and the cost to perform CFD simulation for marine vehicle performance prediction and analysis is significantly reduced.

"Our collaboration with Orca3D has enabled the delivery of comprehensive and validated CFD functionality to end users at half the price of today's Marine CFD software," says Rich Moore, Vice President Business Development, Simerics, Inc. "With Orca3D we are bringing an entirely streamlined work flow to Marine CFD using templates with both marine domain and CFD domain in one affordable solution."

"We have added an easy-to-use interface function in Orca3D to prepare the model for analysis in Simerics' CFD application. This, combined with their powerful templates, provides a simple, yet powerful tool to address difficult marine CFD design questions," says Bruce Hays, Director of Orca3D development.

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