Monday, July 4, 2016

Tangential Dreams: an architectural installation for the Burning Man Festival 2016 - Kickstarter campaign

Mamou-Mani has launched the Kickstarter project Tangential Dreams, an architectural installation for the Burning Man festival 2016 and a statement for a new kind of architecture in which the Architect is also the Maker. Tangential Dreams is a 30-foot high twisting tower with thin wooden tangent swaying in the wind with inspiring sentences written by people around the world.

Throughout the process algorithms maximize inexpensive materials such as timber or bio-plastic. Digital models (Rhino and Grasshopper) are linked with fabrication tools such as LaserCut and 3D Printers to improve the design and make the project possible.

You can back this project in exchange for different rewards (among them, a video tutorial and private classes on parametric design by Arthur Mamou-Mani himself).

The Kickstarter campaign is ending on July 21st. Check it out now!

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