Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Basilica Gospe od Otoka in Solin, Croatia

Image provided by Vladin Petrov - Vyonyx

The stunning design and construction of the Basilica Gospe od Otoka (Solin, Croatia) is by Vyonyx Architecture, an architectural design and research office based in the UK, Croatia, and France.

Vyonyx used Rhinoceros and VisualARQ to realize this non-standard design and maintain BIM data throughout the process. VisualARQ objects were especially useful in creating the curved walls of the Basilica. The designers could freely explore window positions and dimensions without needing to reconstruct the model repeatedly, all the while automatically generating the 2D documentation of every iteration.

The project is currently under construction. See more pictures of this project at the VisualARQ gallery.

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