Friday, July 22, 2016

AAG workshop: Optimize this!

Optimize this! revolves around using different optimization tools in Grasshopper, Goat, and SuMO. This 2-day workshop (September 9-10) is taught by Thomas Wortmann, Aloysius Lian, and Dimitry Demin. It's just one of the workshops at the upcoming Advanced Architectural Geometry 2016 (AAG) in Zurich, Switzerland.

AAG is a symposium revolving around geometry and the architectural design process. It presents both theoretical and practical work of new geometrical developments, and the diverse components of contemporary architecture. Participants include architects, engineers, mathematicians, software designers, and contractors.

Other workshops will be presented in the days preceding the conference, covering elements of modeling, structural design, scripting, virtual reality, and additive manufacturing.

AAG Workshops: September 9-11
AAG Conference: September 11-13

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