Thursday, July 21, 2016

Starfish: New Grasshopper add-on for parametric generation of various patterns

The Starfish plugin allows the parametric generation of various patterns. It focuses on 2D tessellations and can be used to create structural systems based on the topological interlocking principle.

Commands included:
  • Tessellation. Main component for 2D pattern generation that is based on the numerical representation of polygons as the input. For example '4.8' will result in a tessellation composed of squares and octagons.
  • TI_Block, CurvedBlock, SharpBlock. Generation of 3D interlocked blocks from closed planar polylines.
  • Maze, MazeRandom, Ornament. Components for creating maze-looking patterns.
  • DualPreview. Component for custom preview of breps using separate colors for brep surfaces and its wireframe.
  • Map2dToSurface. Mapping of two-dimensional curves onto a surface with optional inputs of rotation angle or scaling factors in {x} or {y} directions.

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