Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer Solstice Daylighting Workshop

Join Christoph Reinhart of MIT for a two-day hands-on workshop on daylight simulations in architecture.

This course stresses integrating daylight with other sustainable design concerns such as solar gain control, electric lighting energy use, and occupant comfort. The design analysis techniques range from rule of thumb to advanced computer simulation and high dynamic range photography for glare analysis.

The workshop is geared toward designers and sustainability consultants interested in learning and integrating the basic theory underlying daylight simulations.

Simulation exercises include:
  • Point in time visualizations and glare analysis in Radiance
  • Daylight Factor and point-in-time illuminance distributions for LEED 2009
  • Radiation maps for PV system sizing and passive solar design
  • Climate-based annual daylight calculations with dynamic shading and electric lighting controls
  • Spatial Daylight Autonomy calculations for LEED v4 compliance
  • Annual Daylight Glare Probability calculations
  • Integrated lighting and energy simulations
The course format includes formal instructions, in-class discussions, software tutorials and exercises. You will have the option to calibrate your personal digital camera to take HDR images and to learn several ways to evaluate its images.

Participant requirements:
  • A newer Windows laptop with Rhino and DIVA 4.0 installed
  • Basic familiarity with Rhino preferred but not required
Building Energy Exchange, Inc.
31 Chambers St, Ste 609
New York, NY 10007

20 June, 10am-5pm
21 June, 9am-4pm, Optional 7am-9am

General public cost is $650. Discounts are available for students.

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