Thursday, June 16, 2016

AAVSDXB 3.0 Workshop - July 10-25, Dubai (UAE)

Expocity 2020: Articulate Performance
July 10-25 2016

Dubai, UAE

AA Visiting School Dubai returns this summer to Dubai, UAE. The workshop will focus on instigating a design-build culture within the 3-week workshop. Participants will work with global experts in the field of hyperactive hybrid tensile structures. Feedback loops of computer simulation and analog prototyping will be the central theme of the workshop, a process aided with cutting edge digital tools for simulation and fabrication.

In this third iteration, AA Visiting School Dubai (AAVSDXB) will investigate novel means of engaging the public within the site of the Expo 2020. The group will elaborate on the methods used to perceive form, space, and effect within the ephemeral architecture of the event.

In response to the Expo's vision of Connectivity, Mobility and Sustainability, the workshop will propose an interactive, efficient and innovative enclosure for providing shade, invigorating the spaces between the pavilions of the Dubai Expo.

At AAVSDXB 3.0 participants will investigate the simulation of fabric-formed panels into spatial enclosures, as well as the articulation of that form with performative features through investigating novel technologies in computational design, open source electronics, and digital manufacturing.
Specifically, participants will examine the micro-computational complexity of tensile fabrics, hybridizing with advanced materials, electronic chips and 3D printed tools for tensioned articulation. 

The workshop goal will prototype locally differentiated performance in tensile structures, allowing an interactive user experience to emerge.

Spaces are limited. Apply now!

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