Monday, June 6, 2016

RhinoSlic3r: 3D Printing G-code files from Rhino object

Kinematiq announced RhinoSlic3r 3D printing G-code files from Rhino object.

RhinoSlic3r is a Slic3r integration right into a Rhinoceros panel for G-code generation from Rhino object.

Slic3r is a slicing software that produces 3D printing programs out of .STL. It allows you to produce 3D printing G-code files for any 3D printer.

  • Use of provided Slic3r configuration files, your actual ones, or configuration of a new one for your 3D printer.
  • Direct selection of any Rhino solid or group of solids. The mesh is automatically produced using recommended settings. If you want custom mesh settings, select your custom meshed objects.
  • Reading and preview of the produced G-code files for pre-printing control.
  • Reading and preview of any G-code file.

RhinoSlic3r is a WIP for Rhino 5 Windows 64 bits, and the objective is to release it as a cross-platform plugin for Rhino 6 (Windows and Mac) by adapting the code to Mono and Eto.

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